Rich Harvest Pty Ltd  

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What sets us apart and makes us unique is that CHRIST is the Head of this business, HE is the BOSS! The unseen Manager in every department. Silent Partner to every transaction. We are totally dependent on HIS generous divine providence. In all major decisions, we seek HIS direction before embarking on it. Any decision made can only be the right decision because HE is all knowing and wise. GOD's wisdom encompasses everything not just our immediate needs but also our future needs. GOD arranges for the customers to patronise the shop. Whenever we face a challenge we seek HIS advice on how we to resolve the issue and in most instances those challenges will turn out to be blessings in disguise. HE does not give us a challenge we cannot handle, because we will receive graces and strength from HIM to cope with the challenge. All we need to do is turn to HIM for help. There is a saying that when you work for GOD, the hours are long and wages are low but your reward is out of this world!

Due to constrain of this very basic website our service is currently available to Australian and New Zealand customers only. Until our website is upgraded , overseas customers can still place their order(s) via email ( this will enable us to inform you what the freight charges would be. Thank you for your understanding.